Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cards, baseball news and Rams

Ticket prices climb, payroll drops in St. Louis
  • Redbird Nation ain't gonna like this: average ticket prices at the new Busch Stadium are the third-most expensive in the majors (behind the Red Sox and the Cubs), while the team's payroll took a little cut, from $90.42 million in 2005 to $88.89 million in 2006. Now, in the Cards' defense, both are easily explained. The ticket prices are there for two reasons: someone has to pay for the new ballpark, and the market will bear the prices. In terms of payroll: the Cards had some major talent that deserved significant pay raises, and if you take away Larry Walker's 2005 salary of $12.6 million, you can argue the team is spending a little more on salaries, relatively speaking.

Mets unveil model of new stadium

  • The Mets, unveiled on Thursday plans for their new ballpark, which will offer sight lines as impressive as any in the Major Leagues while providing vastly improved access, comfortable accommodations, restaurants, suites and clubs and other attractions.

Have a St. Louis Dawg (foot-long with BBQ pork, fried onions, chopped green onions and cheddar cheese.) It is one of the What's new at PNC Park?

Devil Rays may play name game

  • The Devil Rays have until May 31 to pick a new name to use starting next season. What will it be?

Is Texas big enough for three MLB teams?

  • One big issue for the folks working to bring the Florida Marlins to San Antonio: whether the state is big enough for three MLB teams. The Rangers' Tom Hicks has partially signed off on the deal, but the Astros' Drayton McLane -- whose team actually does draw from San Antonio and Austin -- isn't so sure. Technically, the Astros won't have a say in whether the Fish move to San Antonio, but it's hard to see consensus-seeking Bud Selig approving a move over the objections of McLane when the city's questionable economic standing and the likely lack of a big TV contract are also in play. Meanwhile, MLB COO Bob DuPuy assured Mayor Phil Hardberger and County Judge Nelson Wolff on Wednesday that MLB soon would announce whether it believes San Antonio is a viable market for the Florida Marlins.

Rams 2006 schedule release today

  • Now working for Detroit, former Rams coach Mike Martz returns to the Edward Jones Dome on Oct. 1, according to the NFL 2006 schedule released today.

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