Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cards head to Chi-town

DH can be VIP when Cards face AL
  • The Cardinals return to interleague play tonight in Chicago against the defending World Series champion White Sox. In the next two series, the Cardinals will face the top two teams in the American League -- 46-win Detroit and 44-win Chicago. Both teams host the Cardinals, both boasting their DH-laced lineups. Looming tonight is White Sox designated hitter Jim Thome, who leads the AL with 22 homers and is second with 57 RBIs.

World Cup: McBride dismisses discomfort

  • Or people will stick their elbows in his face. McBride, the former St. Louis University All-American, still hasn't scored in this tournament - no one on the team has - but his play against Italy will be one of the lasting memories of the game. With the Americans down a man for the final 43 minutes, McBride essentially became a defender, dropping far back on the field to help minimize Italy's numerical advantage. Yet he still managed to get forward and have a few scoring chances.

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