Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rumors floating

I have to take issue with Gordo on sending Scott Rolen to the New York Yankees for Alex Rodriguez. You have a gold glove defender in Rolen. Why send him away for a natural short stop who CHOKES in the playoffs?
Alfonso Soriano sweepstakes: His people are asking for Carlos Beltran money, which will pare down the list of potential suitors. Cardinal Nation covets him as a dynamic left fielder to put up front in the No. 2 slot, but we can’t see that happening.

The Phillies would love to get him, but they will have to convince one-dimensional left fielder Pat Burrell to accept a trade out of town.

The only other impact free-agent outfielder, Carlos Lee, will benefit from the Soriano sweepstakes and get overpaid as well. The Astros could really use a guy like him.
People seem to keep forgetting that Soriano prefers to play at second base.

I don't see the Cardinals giving up Chris Duncan for anyone. Sure, he had a few bad games in the outfield but he's still learning the position. Give him sometime. I'd welcome him Dontrelle Willis to the club though in a heartbeat.

As to Carl Crawford, I wouldn't give up Anthony Reyes for him. I'd send Juan packing if that were the case.

Hmmm...Bonds going to Detroit means a pay raise for Andy Van Slyke, who already dealt with him once as a member of the Pirates.
Could he land in Detroit? Jim Leyland kept him in line during their days together in Pittsburgh. But if Bonds lands in Motown, look for coach Andy Van Slyke to ask for a raise. Dealing with Barry again is not something he would cherish.
Would Van Slyke be welcome in St. Louis as a third base coach IF Jose does indeed leave? is reporting a rumor saying that Soriano has agreed in principal with the Cardinals to a 7/$70 contract. It would solve the problem with the two-hole and second base.

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