Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nats blog interviews broadcaster Bob Carpenter

A Washington Nationals blog, 3 Girls with Heart, interviewed former Cardinals broadcaster Bob Carpenter.
Q. Did you always want to be a sports broadcaster?

A. In high school I realized I wasn’t good enough to play baseball and decided that calling games would be a great fit. I love the game. In 1984 I got my first job in the industry with the Cardinals, in my hometown; it was on a cable network. By 1995 I was back with the Cardinals and stayed for 12 years. Eventually more and more games were being moved to cable channels and I wanted something more full time. I heard about an opening in Washington, and sent in my resume. I interviewed on a cold, dreary day in February 06 first in Baltimore at the MASN offices and then at RFK. I spent the night in Baltimore and flew home in the next day. Two weeks later I received the call that I had gotten the job.

Q. So how do you like Washington?

A. I love the city, just not the traffic! I am appreciative that the people and friends here made me feel welcome.
It's a good read.

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