Friday, November 30, 2007

Cardinal Award Ballot

I've joined up with my fellow Cardinal bloggers and have filled out the 2007 Cardinal Blogger Award Ballot.

1. Cardinal Pitcher of the Year
*Ryan Franklin

2. Cardinal Player of the Year
*Albert Pujols

3. Game of the Year
*August 16 at Mil—2 home runs from Molina, 7 scoreless by Wainwright

4. Cardinal Rookie of the Year
*Brendan Ryan

5. Surprise of the Year
*Third-place finish

6. Cardinal Blog of the Year (no voting for yourself!)
*Viva El Birdos

7. Surprise Player of the Year
*Ryan Franklin

8. Disappointing Player of the Year
*Chris Carpenter

9. New Cardinal Acquisition of the Year
*Joel Pineiro

10. Most Anticipated Cardinal
*Colby Rasmus

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