Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Draft Roundup

Here's a roundup of some of the Cardinals' 2008 draft picks.

One Cardinal draftee, Justin Leith, will not be St. Louis bound. Instead, he has chosen to go the collegiate route.

It is not known yet as to whether Mitch Harris will play for the Cardinals or serve the country.
The righthander just graduated from the United States Naval Academy, and he already been assigned to the USS Ponce.[...]

There is a rule in place called the Alternative Service Option, which permits for some alternate scheduling of required active duty. A pair of West Point grads followed their NFL draft selection earlier this year. But as covered in many articles about Harris as the draft approached, the Secretary of Navy has suspended the Alternative Service Option during war. Academy grads are bound to five years of active duty after graduation.

Harris has the build and the stuff of a much higher pick. It’s the rank that drops him.

Harris is a 6-foot-4, 220-pound righthander who has blossomed in the past couple years with Navy’s baseball team. He reportedly throws a fastball in the mid-90s and he dominated this past season. He had 12 strikeouts per nine innings pitched and an ERA less than 1.90.
The Cardinals did announce the signings of 30 draft picks.
1a. Lance Lynn RHP; 2. Shane Peterson OF; 5. Jermaine Curtis; 6. Eric Fornataro RHP; 7. Anthony Ferrara LHP; 10. Alejandro Castellanos 2B; 11. Devin Shepherd OF; 14. Charles Cutler C; 16. Miguel Flores RHP; 17. Joshua Hester RHP; 20. Luis Mateo SS; 21. Matt Rigoli 1B; 23. Jonny Bravo LHP; 24. Zachary Pitts RHP; 25. Jason Buursma RHP; 26. Christopher Swauger OF; 27. George Brown LHP; 28. Matthew Frevert RHP; 29. Brett Lilley 2B; 32. Samuel Freeman LHP; 33. Kevin Thomas RHP; 34. Jack Cawley C; 36. Chris Notti RHP; 38. Daniel Richardson RHP; 39. Curt Smith 1B; 40. Paul Cruz OF; 42. Blake Murphy C; 43. Joe Babick OF; 44. Santo Maertz RHP; 49. Adam Veres RHP

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