Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cards Broadcasters on Harry Kalas

John Rooney, Bob Costas, and Mike Shannon remember Harry Kalas.

John Rooney:
"He was like Jack....He was like Jack in the way that they both just loved sports, really loved baseballs and gave so much back to people around them. He had one of the greatest voices ever, but he was an even nicer man.”

Mike Shannon:
"Great person, great baseball man. He knew how to call a game, but he would always, always really bring a smile to face of anybody he talked to. Mr. Kalas was one of the best.”

Bob Costas:
"He was a great announcer. You couldn’t convince someone in Philadelphia that there was anyone better to call a game than Harry Kalas. He was what baseball sounded like to you in Philadelphia.”

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