Friday, December 09, 2011

DeWitt talks Pujols

Bill DeWitt spoke earlier this morning on the subject of honoring Albert Pujols. This is from the transcript from ITD Morning after.
Doug: Speaking of the Pujols legacy, you suppose the club will do anything to honor him, will someone else be wearing number 5 this year. Have you had any time to think about that kind of thing?

DeWitt: I can’t imagine we would do that. That would be pretty good if you were really pissed about it. That’s not how it happened. I think we’d hold off on things like that. As far as honors in the future, I don’t rule anything out, you never know in this game what is going to transpire. You try not to burn bridges, I’m sure we’ve burned a few, but you never approach any negotiation with that as the end game, if you don’t end up with the player. We owe Albert, the memories aren’t going away, he’s been great for the Cardinals and the St. Louis community. At some point there will be an opportunity to honor that legacy, right this second it doesn’t come to mind how we’re going to do that.

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