Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ricardo Rincon arrives!

The VISA problems that have delayed the arrival of pitcher Ricardo Rincon have finally ended almost two weeks after he was supposed to have been in Jupiter, FL.

The start of exhibition games means that I get the game notes once again in my inbox. The Cardinals take on Florida Atlantic University in a spring training exhbition game. John Webb takes the start for St. Louis while Andrew Tomlin starts for FAU. Thursday sees Grapefruit League action against the New York Mets. Jeff Suppan will start that game.

Three million tickets have been sold so far and about 500,000 will be remaining when single game tickets go on sale. I hope to get some tickets for July 19, 2006, which coincides with CDA starting the next day at SLU. I hope some tickets are left that day.

Beginning this Saturday, you can hear every spring traing game on KTRS when the Cards play on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fox Midwest carries games on March 19 and 26. The WB in St. Louis will carry the game on March 25. ESPN picks up three games on March 14, 20 and 31.

Last year, the Cards went 15-11-2 during spring training.

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