Sunday, February 26, 2006

An Update on Rick Ankiel

If things had gone Rick Ankiel's way, we would not be looking for a 5th starter but the fact remains that Rick lost the strike zone and is now an outfielder. He's learning the first base position right now.

Redbird Ramblings has an update on Ankiel. He thinks Rick will make the opening day roster.
the third story i heard on the radio. it involves juan mateo, the rule five draft pick. sports talk show are saying that he did not through during the offseason and does not look ready. this probably means that he will be sent back to the cubs. this also means that the cardinals might bring back 11 pitchers with them, which means they can also have 6 bench players. that opens up an extra spot for another player. can you say, RICK ANKIEL.
I await the day that Rick Ankiel becomes an everyday player for the Cardinals. I have his rookie card and I want it to increase in value once again. Speaking of which, I need to get Anthony Reyes' rookie card.

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