Friday, March 24, 2006

Bigbie suffers stress fracture...

I hate starting off with bad news so I'll start off with better news. I'll be writing about my beloved St. Louis Cardinals for Baseball Bias.

As you know by now, Anthony Reyes was sent down so that means that Sidney Ponson will be getting the fifth starting position for the Cardinals. Adam Wainwright is still competing for a bullpen position for the Cards. Despite Reyes being sent down to Memphis, I am not getting rid of him on my fantasy baseball team in the Cardinals Diaspora league. He is too good of a player to let go.

On Wednesday, St. Louis lost 9-3 against the Washington Nationals. On Thursday, Suppan picked up the start against the Los Angeles Dodgers and we won 4-2. Carp starts against the Mets today. Currently, the Cards are 12-8-1. Ponson starts tomorrow in a game against Los Angeles. You can watch that back in St. Louis on KPLR (WB-11)

The Cardinals have returned Juan Mateo to the Chicago Cubs. previews the pitching rotations for every team.

The only starting positions that need to be settled are left field and second base. The battle for left field is between So Taguchi, Larry Bigbie and John Rodriguez. It's likely that Tony La Russa will have all three of them platoon. The fight for second is down to Junior Spivey, Aaron Miles, and Hector Luna. Well, so much for Larry Bigbie for the time being. He'll be out for two to three weeks.

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