Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome back...

Been busy watching the NCAA Tournament.

The Cards lost to the Orioles on Thursday with a score of 4-2.

Mark Mulder's agent was spotted at camp.
Allowing that "no negotiations have taken place so far," agent Greg Clifton emphasized that Mulder's preference is to remain with the Cardinals and that the absence of talks to date has little significance.

"We're prepared to communicate with the Cardinals whenever they want to communicate," said Clifton, who also represents lefthanded starters Tom Glavine and David Wells. "This is about getting done what Mark wants to accomplish. And he's made clear he'd like to stay in St. Louis. It's a great place for him."
Thursday saw a lot of Hall of Famers at the game.

Jeff Suppan started on Friday against the New York Yankees and the Cards won 5-2. Carpenter started on Saturday against the Orioles and the Cards shut out the O's 7-0. Sidney Ponson started yesterday against the Braves. Anthony Reyes pitches today against the Braves on the ESPN televised game.

Jeff Gordon takes a look at a lot of the pitchers.

Yadier Molina is back with the Cardinals after the WBC.

Albert Pujols is back in the camp as his team is no longer playing in the WBC.

The Cardinals are currently 10-7-1.

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