Saturday, May 27, 2006

Weekly recap

I would have done this the other day if I hadn't been so darn busy this week.

Recapping in on Cardinal news and updates to commence NOW.

Chris Duncan and Anthony Reyes helped out tremendously during the series against the Kansas City Royals and trust me, we'll hear more from them this season.
With the Cardinals in need of a starter to replace Ponson, Reyes was a more obvious recall. In the case of Duncan, who had a strong spring training before tapering off at the end, Jocketty said, "(John) Gall had been here and (Skip) Schumaker had been here. We felt Chris deserved the opportunity."
Some news from the farm system. Speaking of the farm, Chris Duncan was sent back down to Memphis to make room for Sidney Ponson as he returns from the DL.

Jeff Gordon takes a look at possible trade moves.
9. Which outfielders will become available?
Jocketty could add a guy like Matt Lawton today for not much. Sexier targets would include Alfonso Soriano, Miguel Cabrera, Bobby Abreu, Brad Wilkerson, Torii Hunter, Aubrey Huff, Shannon Stewart, Raul Ibanez and Craig Wilson.

The Yankees will keep adding outfielders until they get it right, so other teams fall in behind Steinbrenner. The potential shopping list will grow or shrink as teams either remain in contention or fall by the wayside.

10. Will the Cards keep winning?
As long as this team wins series after series after series, Jocketty will be in no rush to make changes. He will operate from a position of strength this summer . . . unless the Cards fall into a prolonged slump.

Watching the next several weeks unfold will be interesting. All 10 of these factors will determine how the Cards' roster evolves as the postseason nears.

And, who knows, maybe Rick Ankiel will stage a miraculous comeback...
Adding Soriano to the lineup would be awesome! Who knows, maybe they would move him back to second base?!?

Monday Notes:
Mark Mulder took the start against Jamey Wright of the Giants. Mulder picked up the loss as the Cardinals went down 9-2 with no home runs. Hancock, Looper, and Johnson pitching in relief. Rolen and Edmonds were the only two players to score.

Tuesday Notes:
Albert Pujols hit his 23rd home run of the season against one of my favorite Cardinal pitchers Matt Morris, now with the Giants. This was his first home run at AT&T Park. The Cards won 8-5 and Marquis picked up the win. Isringhausen picked up his 15th save of the season. Spiezio scored on Juan's double in the third. In the 5th, Juan singled and drove in Spiezio and Rolen. Rolen singled in the 7th to score Pujols. So singled in the 8th to bring Marquis home.

Wednesday notes:
Chris Carpenter was scratched and Brad Thompson made an emergency start. This was Thompson's first MLB start but he started 20 games in the minor leagues. Adam wainwright had a huge game, picking up the win by pitching three innings of relief, and he helped the Cardinals by hitting his first ever MLB home run on the first pitch of his first-ever major league at bat. The Cards won 10-4. Rolen scored in the second when Molina grounded into a double play. Marquis, pinch hitting for Thompson, scored when Eckstein singled in the third. Wainwright homered in the 5th. In the 6th, Juan scored when Yadier singled, and Luna scored on So's sac fly. The seventh inning saw four runs. So homered in the 9th. Thompson, Johnson, Wainwright, Flores, and Looper all saw action on the mound.

Friday notes:
Jeff Suppan started the game against Clay Hensley of the Padres. Suppan was looking for his 100th career win but did not get it as the Cards lost 7-1. Pujols hit a single for an RBI but that was about all that he did last night. The Cardinals are now 31-17.

Saturday notes:
Sidney Ponson returned from the DL to start against Chan Ho Park of the Padres.

Milestone watch:
Albert Pujols needs 4 home runs to tie Ray Lankford for 3rd on the Cardinals all-time home runs list with 228.
Jim Edmonds needs 5 home runs to tie Mark McGwire for 5th on the Cardinals all-time home runs list with 220.
Jason Isringhausen needs 5 saves to tie Lee Smith's club record with 160.

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