Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hall of Fame Veterans Committee votes no one...

This is embarassing for the sake of the Veterans' Committee. Apparently, no one is good enough to get admitted into the Hall of Fame.

Ron Santo came the closest to the required 75% of the votes.
Ron Santo, Jim Kaat and all the other candidates were left out Tuesday when the Veterans Committee admitted no new members for the third straight election.

Gil Hodges, umpire Doug Harvey and union leader Marvin Miller also fell short of the 62 votes needed for Cooperstown.

Santo came the closest to the required 75 percent -- the former Cubs third baseman was picked on 57 of 82 ballots (70 percent).

Kaat, who was strongly backed by Hall member Mike Schmidt, and Harvey each drew 52 votes. Miller showed a strong increase in getting 51, followed by Hodges with 50 and Tony Oliva at 47.

The vets panel was revamped after charges of cronyism when it elected Bill Mazeroski in 2001. Expanded from 15 members to include all living Hall of Famers, the new committee has voted every other year starting in 2003.

"The process was not designed with the goal to necessarily elect someone," Hall chairman Jane Forbes Clark said.[...]

The 84 eligible voters on the vets committee included 61 Hall members, 14 broadcasters, eight writers and one holdover from the previous panel.

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