Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cards roundup

My apologies for no posts in about half a month. I was on spring break last week or I would have been posting more frequently.

Let's start out with the results of all the Cards spring training games.

February 28, 2007
St. Louis 6, Florida 3
Winning pitcher - Adam Wainwright (1-0)

March 1, 2007
N.Y. Mets 4, St. Louis 3
Losing pitcher - Tyler Johnson (0-1)
HR: Chris Duncan (1), Edgar Gonzalez (1), Scott Spiezio (1)

March 2, 2007
N.Y. Mets 6, St. Louis 5
Losing pitcher - Josh Kinney (0-1)

March 3, 2007
St. Louis 8, Florida 1
Winning pitcher - Troy Cate (1-0)

March 4, 2007
St. Louis 12, Florida 3
Winning pitcher - Anthony Reyes (1-0)

March 5, 2007
Houston 5, St. Louis 0
Losing pitcher - Mike Smith (0-1)

March 7, 2007
St. Louis 11, Los Angeles 1
Winning pitcher - Braden Looper (1-0)
HR: Chris Duncan (2), Edgar Gonzalez (2), John Rodriguez (1), Skip Schumaker 2 (2)

March 8, 2007
St. Louis 2, Minnesota 1
Winning pitcher - Brian Falkenborg (1-0)
SV - Kelvin Jimenez (1)

March 9, 2007
St. Louis 4, Florida 1
Winning pitcher - Anthony Reyes (2-0)

March 11, 2007
Atlanta 6, St. Louis 3
Losing pitcher - Tyler Johnson (0-2)

St. Louis is currently 7-4 in spring training play.

Adam Wainwright plans to make a smooth transition into the pitching rotation.

Tony La Russa and Scott Rolen have made their peace.

While currently sticking to a one year deal for much of the young players, the Cardinals plan to lock in Yadier Molina for a long term deal.

David Eckstein has definitely made it. He went from being a walk-on at the University of Florida to the World Series MVP.

The Cardinals reached agreements with 18 players.
Among the notables to agree on Tuesday were catcher Yadier Molina, outfielders Chris Duncan and John Rodriguez and right-handers Adam Wainwright, Anthony Reyes, Josh Hancock, Josh Kinney and Brad Thompson and lefty Tyler Johnson.

All 18 players have yet to reach the required service time to be eligible for arbitration. That puts them in a category where the club has the option to renew the player's contract at an assigned amount. However, all 18 signings represented agreed-on deals between player and club -- no one was renewed.[...]

The complete list included pitchers Troy Cate, Andy Cavazos, Dennis Dove, Brian Falkenborg, Blake Hawksworth, Hancock, Johnson, Kinney, Chris Narveson, Reyes, Thompson and Wainwright, as well as Duncan, Molina, Rodriguez, outfielders Cody Haerther and Skip Schumaker and infielder Brendan Ryan.

"It's always a little tougher to reach a quick agreement after you've won a championship," Jocketty said. "But I think everything went well. Mo [assistant general manager John Mozeliak] did the majority of them, and I thought he got it done well."

Jocketty said that the club holds some interest in signing Molina to a long-term deal, but that no imminent action is expected on that front.
I'd like to take this time to remember a Cardinals fan who recently passed away: former Missouri Senator Thomas Eagleton. Eagleton was the Democratic VP candidate for all of a few days.
McGovern and Eagleton shared more than the same liberal political bent. Both were passionate followers of the St. Louis Cardinals. McGovern said he would often travel to St. Louis and stay with the Eagletons, usually taking in a Cardinals game or two.
If this keeps up, it's the beginning of the end for Jason Isringhausen.

Josh Kinney is out for the season. What a shame.

MLB still does not get it, do they?

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