Monday, March 26, 2007

Redbird Report

March 20, 2007
St. Louis 13, Los Angeles 0
Winning pitcher - Anthony Reyes (3-0)
HR: Chris Duncan (5), Yadier Molina (1)

March 22, 2007
Florida 2, St. Louis 1
Losing pitcher - Chris Carpenter (0-1)

March 23, 2007
St. Louis 1, N.Y. Mets 2
Losing pitcher - Ryan Franklin (1-1)

March 24, 2007
St. Louis 4, Washington 2
Winning pitcher - Josh Hancock (1-0)
SV - Kelvin Jimenez (2)

March 25, 2007
Baltimore 6, St. Louis 5
Losing pitcher - Russ Springer (0-1)

March 26, 2007
St. Louis 3, Florida 1
Winning pitcher - Adam Wainwright (3-2)
SV - Brad Thompson (1)

Busch Stadium is now smoke-free.

UNLV's head basketball coach Lon Kruger was recently in St, Louis for the NCAA Tournament. Turns out that he used to play baseball.
Kruger, 54, can't wait to get to St. Louis and watch UNLV practice this afternoon.

"We've always enjoyed St. Louis," he said of his family, which includes son Kevin, a starting guard for the Rebs. "I have some former teammates (mostly baseball ones) and a lot of friends there."

Kruger grew up in Kansas, but he had a soft spot in his heart for the St. Louis Cardinals. After all, they signed him to a Class A contract in 1974. Kruger chose to play basketball in Israel and his baseball career fizzled.

Yet the next phase of his basketball career was just beginning. Good thing, too

"I was a Cardinals and Royals fan," said Kruger, a pitcher. "But after the Cardinals signed me, I didn't get back in time for spring training because I was playing basketball overseas."

The Cards didn't lose any sleep over Kruger's absence and he surmised it was time to get serious about basketball. He began to wonder if coaching suited him.

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