Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2007 Awards and Championship Predictions

It's that time of year to predict who I believe will take home some extra gear at the end of the 2007 season. Some of my choices were very hard, especially when it comes to the AL Rookie of the Year award.

First, the awards.

National League
Rookie of the Year: Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies
There are plenty of quality rookies out there that are expected to make the opening day roster. I like what I see in the prior stats of Troy Tulowitzki, Mike Pelfrey, and Chris B. Young. Factor in the Colorado air and I think that Troy Tulowitzki will put up some very great rookie numbers. Tulowitzki is compared a lot to the 2004 AL ROY Bobby Crosby. Pelfrey is my second choice as it's not yet known as to whether or not he will make the opening day roster for the New York Mets but when you add on all the other stuff, he's a top candidate for the award.

Most Valuable Player: Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals
Pujols is the best player in baseball and he's a player who will rank in the top three for average, home runs, and RBI's. At the end of the season, it will be the Cardinals and not the Phillies playing in the postseason.

Cy Young Award: Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals
Carpenter will finish this season with stats similar to or better than he performed in 2005, and much better than 2006. Carp would have had better numbers, win-wise, in 2006 had Isringhausen not been injured.

Manager of the Year: Tony La Russa, St. Louis Cardinals
There's no Joe Girardi to compete but La Russa will find a way to get the National League to win the All-Star Game.

American League
Rookie of the Year: Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals
This was a hard decision for me in choosing between Gordon and Delmon Young. Here's a look at Sportsline for their stats in 2006. Look at the stats alone in Double A for Alex Gordon in 130 games: .325-29 HR-101 RBI -111 R-22 SB(.427 OBP-.588 SLG). Sportsline calls him the left-handed David Wright. They also say that he can put up numbers similar to that of Albert Pujols, and I agree. Believe me when I say that Alex Gordon is the player that Kansas City needs to build around. He's on all my fantasy baseball teams as he is the real deal. Look for a great season out of him this season. KC was wise to let him wait to this season to make the majors and move Mark Teahen to the outfield.

Most Valuable Player: Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins
This, too, was a tough decision as there are so many MVP-caliber players out there like Morneau, Jeter, Ortiz, Mauer. I think that Morneau will repeat here.

Cy Young Award: Johan Santana, Minnesota Twins
'Nuff said. This guy is the best pitcher in the American League right now although Roy Halladay ranks up there as well. Halladay would be my runner up choice.

Manager of the Year: Ron Gardenhire, Minnesota Twins
I don't know why but I just got this feeling that it's gonna be a breakout year for the Twins again.

All-Star Game: National League
They will find a way to win.

National League Division Champions:
East: New York Mets
Central: St. Louis Cardinals
West: San Diego Padres
Wild Card: Los Angeles Dodgers

American League Division Champions:
East: Toronto Blue Jays
Central: Minnesota Twins
West: Oakland Athletics
Wild Card: Kansas City Royals

World Series: St. Louis over Minnesota in 5 games

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