Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All-Star rant

Well, the American League has continued in their humiliation of the National League with a 5-4 win in San Francisco's AT&T Park last night. Despite a botched play by Brian Roberts, which led to Dmitri Young being safe at first, and then a 3-1 pitch to Alfonso Soriano for a home run to give the NL a one-run deficit, the NL just couldn't hang on. J.J. Putz gave up two straight walks before Francisco Rodriguez came in and gave up another one leading to bases loaded for the Phillies outfielder Aaron Rowand. Rowand hit a deep fly ball but, unfortunately for us, it found a glove.

Josh Beckett was the winning pitcher. Chris Young (Padres) the losing pitcher. Francisco Rodriguez picked up the save.

The Ted Williams All-Star Game Award, presented by Chevrolet, was awarded to Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki for his three hits, 2 RBIs, and the first ever inside the park home run in All-Star game history. He became the second Mariner to win the MVP award, becoming the first to do so since Ken Griffey, Jr. won it in 1992.

Now, here comes a rant, that is need.

Someone commented on my facebook wall saying TLR can't manage. So I wrote this on his wall:

Garner messed up last year by not putting Rolen in for defense. Pujols was saved in the event that the game went longer than planned and would be up to pinch-hit for the pitcher's spot. Now what we, as baseball fans need to do, is start voting the best players as opposed to our favorite players. I didn't vote for Eckstein, Rolen, or Edmonds this year like I usually do because they aren't the best players of their position. After losing the game last year, I decided I would only vote for the best players at every position instead of my favorite. I hope other fans start picking up on that because that will only make the game better.

Furthermore, had Rowand hit it elsewhere, that would have tied the game and maybe won it for the NL. -- end facebook comment on wall

Granted, my initial votes did have Rolen and Edmonds. But since I was in Israel fpr much of June, I didn't use all 25 of my votes. I may have had 15 votes left. Oh, well. But knowing what I know know, some of those votes would definitely have been different.

Sure, Yadier Molina is a great defensive catcher and that helps when picking off runners. But when the game, and home field advantage, is on the line, would you rather have Yadi or Russell Martin? I think I would rather have Russell Martin of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If I think D-Lee or Prince Fielder are having a better year than Albert Pujols is at first, then, yes, I would vote for them.

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