Monday, June 22, 2009

In Memory: Darryl Kile

It's been seven years since one of the darkest weeks of Cardinal history.

Darryl Kile (December 2, 1968 – June 22, 2002)) played his last game on June 18, 2002, the same day that Jack Buck died. Darryl tragically died seven years ago today in Chicago.

Joe Buck broke the news on Fox that day. And it was Joe Girardi who made the announcement at Wrigley:
"I thank you for your patience. We regret to inform you because of a tragedy in the Cardinal family, that the commissioner has cancelled the game today. Thank you.... Please be respectful. You will find out eventually what has happened, and I ask that you say a prayer for the St. Louis Cardinals' family."
Houston Astros: 1991-1997
Colorado Rockies: 1998-1999
St. Louis Cardinals: 2000-2002

Career record: 128-115 with 1,618 K's

The following was posted on It's so awesome yet sad at the same time. I always get chills whenever I think of DK and his short time on earth.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cards vs. Tigers

June 16, 2009
Detroit 2, St. Louis 11
Winning pitcher - Adam Wainwright (7-4)
HR: Albert Pujols (23), Chris Duncan (5)

June 17, 2009
Detroit 3, St. Louis 4
Winning pitcher - Todd Wellemeyer (6-6)
SV - Ryan Franklin (16)
HR: Yadier Molina (5)

June 18, 2009
Detroit 6, St. Louis 3
Losing pitcher - Joel Pineiro (5-8)

The Cards finish with a 36-31 record.

Cards vs. Indians

June 12, 2009
St. Louis 3, Cleveland 7
Losing pitcher - Joel Pineiro (5-7)
HR: Albert Pujols (20)

June 13, 2009
St. Louis 3, Cleveland 1
Winning pitcher - Brad Thompson (1-2)
SV - Ryan Franklin (15)
HR: Albert Pujols 2 (21, 22)

June 14, 2009
St. Louis 0, Cleveland 3
Losing pitcher - Chris Carpenter (4-1)

The Cards finish with a 34-30 record.

Cards vs. Marlins

June 9, 2009
St. Louis 3, Florida 4
Losing pitcher - Jason Motte (2-2)

June 10, 2009
St. Louis 13, Florida 4
Winning pitcher - Adam Wainwright (6-4)
HR: Colby Rasmus (7), Rick Ankiel (4)

June 11, 2009
St. Louis 6, Florida 5
Winning pitcher - Trever Miller (2-0)
SV - Ryan Franklin (14)
HR: Albert Pujols (19)

The Cards finish the series with a 33-28 record.

Cards vs. Rockies

June 5, 2009
Colorado 11, St. Louis 4
Losing pitcher - Adam Wainwright (5-4)
HR: Albert Pujols (18), Yadier Molina (4), Ryan Ludwick (9)

June 6, 2009
Colorado 10, St. Louis 1
Losing pitcher - Todd Wellemeyer (5-6)
HR: Rick Ankiel (3)

June 7, 2009
Colorado 7, St. Louis 2
Losing pitcher - Joel Pineiro (5-6)

June 8, 2009
Colorado 5, St. Louis 2
Losing pitcher - Brad Thompson (0-2)

The Cards get swept and finish the series with a 31-27 record.

Cards vs. Reds

June 1, 2009
Cincinnati 5, St. Louis 3
Losing pitcher - Todd Wellemeyer (5-5)
HR: Colby Rasmus (6)

June 2, 2009
Cincinnati 2, St. Louis 5
Winning pitcher - Jason Motte (2-1)
SV - Ryan Franklin (13)

June 3, 2009
Cincinnati 9, St. Louis 3
Losing pitcher - Kyle Lohse (4-4)

June 4, 2009
Cincinnati 1, St. Louis 3
Winning pitcher - Chris Carpenter (4-0)
HR: Albert Pujols (17)

The Cards leave with a 31-23 record.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Memory: Jack Buck

It's time once again to remember the life of legendary broadcaster Jack Buck (August 21, 1924 – June 18, 2002)) died.

From Baseball Almanac, a list of Jack Buck quotations:
"After all of these years, I realize my energy comes from the people at the other end."

"Go crazy, folks! Go crazy!" - Game 5 1985 NLCS (Ozzie Smith hit a game winning home run)

"I don't think there is anyone in any sport who combined the supreme talent with a great personality. He is also is one of the most beautiful people who ever walked the face of the earth. I don't think there's anybody who compares to Stan Musial on both fronts."

"It's such a beautiful sport, with no politics involved, no color, no class. Only as a youngster can you play and as a pro can you win. The game has kept me young, involved and excited and for me to be up here with gems of baseball"

"It (George Steinbrenner's new yacht) was a beautiful thing to observe with all thirty oars working in unison."

"Kid (White Sox broadcaster John Rooney), you better slow down. You're going to wear 'em out in a week, and you've got to be out there for one-hundred sixty-two."

"That's a winner."

"The biggest kick I get is to communicate with those who are exiled from the game — in hospitals, homes, prisons — those who have seldom seen a game, who can't travel to a game, those who are blind."

"When Harry and I were doing the games together, we were as good as a team as there ever was. His style and mine were so different that it made for a balanced broadcast. The way we approached the job, with the interest and love both of us had for the game, made our work kind of special." - from Jack Buck - That's A Winner (1999)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Put Dave Duncan in the Hall of Fame

I agree with Rick Sutcliffe that St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan belongs in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan is a guy who most fans have heard of, but I'm not sure most fans really appreciate how good he has been over the years.

There's no question that Tony La Russa is a great manager and is no doubt ticketed for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but coaches should also earn consideration. Duncan, La Russa's former teammate and longtime pitching coach, most famously in Oakland and then St. Louis, would be the first guy on my ballot. He was never a pitcher himself, but catchers get to know pitchers as well as anyone, and Duncan was a catcher for years in the big leagues. Above all, he is a guy that gets it.

Just look at his results. Pitchers on Duncan's staffs have won four Cy Young awards: LaMarr Hoyt (1983), Bob Welch (1990) Dennis Eckersley (1992) and Chris Carpenter (2005). All his pitchers rave about him and his no-nonsense approach.

His staffs have consistently had among the lowest ERAs in the majors. Where does St. Louis rank in the majors right now? Sure enough, they are first overall with a 3.60 ERA.

Look at what he did with guys like Dave Stewart and Eckersley with the A's and, more recently, with guys like Carpenter and Jeff Suppan with the Cardinals. Before he got to them, they had varying degrees of success, but he helped all those guys -- and many more -- reach their full potential.

It's not just me either. Most people respect La Russa's opinion, and I bet if you asked Tony, he'd say Duncan deserves a spot in the Hall as well. It's time to give baseball coaches their due, and let's get Dave Duncan to Cooperstown.