Saturday, November 22, 2008

My CBA Award selections

It's that time of year again. I love how I just posted this to my other blog.

1) Player of the Year: Albert Pujols

There's no mistaking that the 2008 MVP is our player of the year.

2) Pitcher of the Year: Kyle Lohse

Lohse surprised us all this year. I'm actually glad that we extended his tenure with us. Dave Duncan does his magic as usual.

3) Game of the Year: September 9 vs. Chicago

I'm going with this one because it was one of the few that I was able to catch this season.

4) Surprise Player of the Year: Ryan Ludwick

No doubt.

5) Disappointing Player of the Year: Jason Isringhausen

He lost the role again...I think Joe Buck was examining his psyche after SLU gave him his honorary doctorate.

6) Cardinal Rookie of the Year: Joe Mather

7) New Cardinal of the Year: Kyle Lohse

8) Most Anticipated Cardinal: Colby Rasmus

Rasmus is still the most anticipated.

9) Best Individual Blog

I didn't do a good job at keeping up with the Cards blogs this season as much as I should have so I abstain.

10) Best Team Blog: VEB

11) Best Professional Blog: Bird Land

12) Best UCB Project: October Roundtables

13) Most Optimistic Blog: I don't know

14) Funniest Blog: I don't know

15) Best Blog Post/Series of the Year" Scott Rolen vs. Eddie Vedder

16) Rookie Blog of the Year: Pitchers Hit Eighth

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