Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I feel for the Angels

I wasn't watching TV due to Pesach but I caught Outside the Lines this afternoon and immediately relived DK's death and Josh Hancock's death so as a Cardinal fan, I know what the Angels fans must be going through. It's not fun and it never is.

Here's comments from the Cardinals as to what they went through and what the Angels are going through.
The St. Louis Cardinals, who suffered through the deaths of pitcher Darryl Kile in June 2002 and pitcher Josh Hancock in April 2007, say no words, only time, will ease the anguish.

"It's going to be tough for them all year," Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols said. "Every time you take the field, it's going to be there. You really don't get a release until the offseason."

The Angels placed Adenhart's image and number on their outfield wall, preserved his locker at home and will set one up on the road, too.

"I remember looking at the faces of everyone the day we found out Josh died," said Oakland Athletics pitcher Russ Springer, Hancock's ex-teammate in St. Louis. "I saw that same look with the Angels. It was that zombie look. For some guys, that didn't go away for a long time.

"It was especially hard at home because Josh's locker was there. You go to the bullpen, his number is on the wall. Different things bring you back to that day."

Said Cardinals outfielder Chris Duncan, who was one of Hancock's closest friends, "Even today, when I drive on the freeway past the spot where Josh died, I think about it. It's something you never really get over."

Yet with nearly six months left in the season, the Angels have no choice.

"The season doesn't have to be over," Cardinals hitting coach Hal McRae said. "You're never going to forget, but after the first two weeks, you start to feel better. And if you win, everything starts to feel better."

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