Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All-Cardinals Fantasy Baseball Team

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful franchises in MLB history. With a slew of World Series titles, they have certainly had their fair share of outstanding individuals. Five players stand above the rest when looking at the all-time talents. Here’s a closer look at those players anyone would want on their fantasy baseball team.

Stan Musial

While Stan Musial was never really considered to be the absolute best player in his era, it is hard to argue that any player in baseball history has meant more to the St. Louis Cardinals than him. He spent his entire career with the franchise, and he hit .331 with 475 home runs and 1951 RBI during that time. His 3 MVP awards in the National League are a big reason why he has a statue out in front of the stadium.

Albert Pujols

If you look at Pujols’ time with St. Louis, you can make an argument that he was every bit the player Musial was. The only problem is, he didn’t do it for as long. Not only that, but some fans might still be slightly bitter about him leaving after World Series championship to sign as a free agent with the Los Angeles Angels. Nonetheless, he was a fantasy baseball superstar when he was with the Cardinals.

Rogers Hornsby

Some people think Hornsby is the best 2nd basemen of all time. That is pretty high praise for a guy who only comes in 3rd on this list. He has the second-highest batting average of all time, and he was able to win the 1925 National League MVP award. He was in a particularly great teammate, and his defense wasn’t spectacular either, but his bat is legendary.

Bob Gibson

In 1968, Bob Gibson had one of the best seasons for a pitcher in baseball history. He was pretty solid during his entire career with the St. Louis Cardinals, and he is almost unanimously thought of as the best pitcher of all time for the franchise.

Ozzie Smith

If there was a way to somehow combine Smith and Hornsby, you would have the perfect player. Smith is considered to be one of the best defenders in baseball history, and he won 13 straight Gold gloves at shortstop. Not only was he talented, but he was charismatic off the field. He never was much of a hitter, but he was the face of the franchise in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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