Sunday, July 30, 2006

WaPo article on HOF and Mark McGwire

It's an interesting article dealing with reactions to what might happen when Mark McGwire gets inducted.

Bob Feller (HOF '62) - "I obviously wouldn't like it. That would be very damaging to the Hall of Fame."

Ryne Sandberg (HOF '05) - "I'm interested to see how the writers will vote. They have a chance to make a point that needs to be made about what [the Hall] represents. They are supposed to consider integrity and character [as criteria for judging a player's worthiness]. I hope they do that."

Wade Boggs (HOF '05) - "I don't recall Mark McGwire ever testing positive. In America, you're not guilty until proven innocent -- it's the other way around."

Jim Palmer (HOF '90) on a boycott - "That could happen, I suppose. Everybody has a right to react however they think is proper."

Rollie Fingers (HOF '92) - "I'm going to come to honor Ripken and Gwynn. If [the writers] vote McGwire in, they vote him in. I'm still going to show up."

Bill Mazeroski (HOF '01) - "I'd still come, for sure. I wouldn't miss this for the world. Honestly, I still haven't figured out exactly how I feel about [the steroids issue] -- and I get the feeling you writers haven't, either."

How do the writers feel about the issue?

Gordon Edes (Boston Globe) - "I was very fond and respectful of Mark McGwire as a player. But when he stood there in front of Congress and said, 'I don't want to talk about the past,' it left me thinking, 'Okay, Mark, then I don't want to consider your past, either.' My inclination at this point is probably not to vote for him. But I clearly want to reserve the right to change my mind between now and Dec. 31."

Rick Hummel - "inclined to vote for him, based on what we know about him, and also what we don't know. How do we know how many homers to subtract [from his totals]? He was always a home run hitter, even as a rookie."

Palmer later added on some comments dealing with Pete Rose: "If anybody from this 'steroids era' gets in, it seems to me you'd have to go back and take a hard look at Pete."

Read the article in full for sure.

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