Saturday, July 29, 2006

Who is for sale?!?

Gordo on the players that are being shopped around.

Here are the names that have been mentioned and who is rumored to be interested in them:
Alfonso Soriano, OF, Nationals (CWS, STL, DET)
--Soriano would be a great pickup for anybody that decides to trade for him. He's a hitter that hits for power rather than average and until this year, he was good for about 40 home runs a season but he's been having an outstanding year by far. This is his sixth full season in the majors and he already has 32 home runs (Career high is 39). If there's a team willing to trade for him, make sure to play him at second base. He's a natural short stop but had to convert to second in the minor leagues because Derek Jeter is not leaving NYY anytime soon. If Jeter keeps up for 5-6 more seasons, he'll be a sure lock for the Hall of Fame (Career .300 hitter, already at 2,070 hits).

Alex Rodriguez, 3B, Yankees (ATL, CHC)
--Rodriguez is having a down year despite reaching two career milestones with his 2,00th career hit coming on his 450th home run. E-Rod, as he's been recently nicknamed due to his 19 errors this season, always puts up some great offensive numbers and he's admitted that he gets a bad rep due to his financial contract. Last year's MVP will be a sure bet for the HOF if he gets back to his old form that won him an MVP last year when he put up numbers like .321/48/130.

Miguel Tejada, SS, Orioles (LAA, HOU)
--I just don't see Tejada going anywhere anytime soon. The Angels and Astros may be scouting him for a potential signing during the offseason but his contract isn't up for a few more years. He's played everyday since like, who knows, and he'll be the next Iron Man if he plays daily til 2016 when he'll be 40 years old. He's a sure bet for the HOF as well if he keeps his streak going. His offensive numbers have been great since coming to Baltimore from Oakland. He hits for average like Pujols except he's not much of a power hitter. He reached the 1,500 career hits mark a few days ago and he'll get to 3,000 eventually.

Barry Zito, SP, A’s (NYM)
--Oakland's out of playoff contention for the most part and Zito may be wanting to play for a contender. The Mets are looking for pitching and Zito might be able to help them in route to the playoffs.

Bobby Abreu, OF, Phillies (NYY)
--The Phillies are trying to unload their payroll. The only problem with Abreu is that he has stopped hitting home runs. After winning the home run contest last summer, he's only hit 8 home runs this year. His batting .277 this year and his career .300 average is on the verge of falling below .300 as of this season.

Pat Burrell, OF, Phillies (BOS, NYY, STL)
--Pat the Bat has been in a slump lately and he's said that if he's traded, he only wants to go to BOS or NYY, possible due to the history of the two teams. Due to his slump, he's been platooning in left field. Will a scene change help? I don't know. It might but we won't know unless he is traded.

Jon Lieber, SP, Phillies (NYM, STL)
--Lieber is the plan B option if the Mets don't get Zito but then again, the Cards are looking at Lieber as well. Lieber's had a down year going 4-7 in 15 starts this season. His best years were with Chicago when he played for the Cubs.

Cory Lidle, SP, Phillies (NYY, BOS, MIN)
--Lidle's also having a down year having gone 8-7 in 21 starts with an ERA over 5.

Livan Hernandez, SP, Nationals (STL, NYM)
--The Mets are looking for pitching and Livan would join his half-brother. The Cards seem interested in him as well. Like Lidle, he's having somewhat of a down year as his ERA is over 5.

Todd Walker, 2B, Cubs (SEA)
--The Mariners have been scouting him but with the addition of Broussard, they may no longer be interested in him.

Greg Maddux, SP, Cubs (LAD)
--Honestly, the future HOF pitcher needs to get out of Chicago. He stinks this season as his ERA is over 4. He's well past his prime--that happened when he left the Atlanta Braves.

Sean Casey, 1B, Pirates (OAK)
--Casey is just entering his prime despite being DL-prone. The Reds worst mistake was trading him during the offseason by trading him to Pittsburgh for LHP Dave Williams. Casey is batting close to .300 while Williams is now a Met.

David Dellucci, OF, Phillies (STL)
--Despite being platooned, he's having one of his best seasons batting .311/7/21. He's a hitter that bats for average, not power but give him the chance to play everyday somewhere.

Brandon McCarthy, SP, White Sox (WAS)
--If Soriano goes to CWS, McCarthy joins the Nationals. It's as easy as that. However, White Sox general manager Ken Williams says he has no intentions on giving him up. Walt Jocketty has said the same about Anthony Reyes and Adam Wainwright. He's only in his second MLB season so who knows if he's apart of the White Sox future.

Rodrigo Lopez, SP, Orioles (CIN)
--He needs a change of scenery. He's pitching pathetic for the Orioles.

Julio Lugo, SS, Devil Rays (TOR, BOS)
--He's having a career season with Tampa and will likely be playing elsewhere after July 31st.

Other names mentioned that Walt is rumored to be going after
Dontrelle Willis, SP, Marlins (STL)
Aaron Rowand, CF, Phillies (STL)
Arthur Rhodes, RP, Phillies (STL)
Rheal Cormier, RP, Phillies (STL)
Luiz Gonzales, LF, Diamondbacks (STL)
Shawn Green, RF, Diamondbacks (STL)

If the Cardinals are shopping around for a left field bat or some extra pitching, here's to hope that it's someone with at least five good years still left in them.

Shawn Green may be past his prime but he's having a rebounding year, aside from home runs). A scene of change may be all that he needs to start producing more. I like the idea of Shawn Green being an every day player for the Cardinals. I won't lie about that but I also like Chris Duncan's chances of being a great every-day player in left field.

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