Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fantasy Baseball

I am in at least three leagues so far. One of which is the Cardinals Diaspora league that was started by Ryan of Cardinals Diaspora. I thought I'd give my readers a brief rundown of why I picked the players that I did. My team is the St. Louis Cardinals. Ironic, eh?

Draft Order:
1. Chris Carpenter - I had to make sure that I chose at least one of the St. Louis Cardinals and Carp is coming off one of his best seasons having won the Cy Young award this past season. Plus, Albert Pujols was already taken.
2. Scott Rolen - Healthy or not, I wanted the Jasper native in my infield and I was surprised that he was around in the second round.
3. Jason Isringhausen - The first of my relief pitchers and a closer for St. Louis. In a league of Cards fans, for Izzy to go in the third round is a disappointment.
4. Nomar Garciaparra - I had to pick Nomar with the hopes of a healthy season. He'll put up good numbers if he stays healthy and he's not with the Cubs anymore so I can root for him.
5. Matt Morris - He was my favorite pitcher with the Cardinals so I had to pick him even though Walt Jocketty didn't want him back this year.
6. Paul Lo Duca - Lo Duca has put up some great numbers for a catcher in prior years and he's platooned at 1B as well in the past.
7. Junior Spivey - I had to pick up a 2B and most of the better ones had been selected by this point. Spivey should start with St. Louis this season and should put up some decent numbers.
8. Jeremy Hermida - a non-Cardinal who is one of the early favorites for the 2006 National League (NL) Rookie of the Year award. He had impressive numbers in 23 games during the 2005 season.
9. Darin Erstad - A former Rookie of the Year winner who had a not-so-impressive season last year but should put up decent numbers this year.
10. Anthony Reyes - the top prospect in the organization and he gets picked in the tenth round. It's a sleeper pick as no one knows as to whether or not he will start since the 5th position is between him, Sidney Ponson, and Adam Wainwright.
11. Austin Kearns - he should see a lot of playing time and I had to select at least one player who was a Kentuckian and a Wildcats fan.
12. David Eckstein - a Cardinals player who was a steal in the 12th round. I may start him at the utility position if Scott Rolen and Nomar Garciaparra can stay healthy this year.
13. John Rodríguez - I needed another outfielder and who else but J-Rod. He'll likely win the battle for left field.
14. Adam Wainwright - Another top Cardinals prospect who is battling for the 5th pitching position.
15. Braden Looper - my other relief pitcher who was still alive in this round. He is expected to see a lot of playing time with setting up in the late innings for the closer Jason Isringhausen.
16. Yadier Molina - again, another player who I will have on the bench or rotate with Lo Duca since I expect to have Paul Lo Duca as my number 1 catcher.
17. Juan Encarnación - A Cardinals outfielder who I did not think would make it to this round. I selected him anyway and will platoon him with the rest of the outfield.
18. Brian Anderson - White Sox outfielder who is an early favorite for the American League (AL) Rookie of the Year award in 2006.
19. Jason Kubel - a non-Cardinal as well who is a leading contender for the 2006 National League (NL) Rookie of the Year award and what I would call a sleeper pick.

Just FWIW, here are the top rookies per Fox Sports.

Some bloggers that are linked on the sidebar are also in the league.

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