Sunday, February 26, 2006

Top Prospects

John Sickels previews the Cardinals top prospects for the upcoming season. As expected, pitcher Anthony Reyes tops the list of prospects.
1. Anthony Reyes, RHP, Grade B+
2. Colby Rasmus, OF, B+
3. Cody Haerther, OF, B+
4. Tyler Greene, SS, B-
5. Adam Wainwright, RHP, B-
6. Mark McCormick, RHP, B-
7. Nick Stavinoha, OF, B-
8. Bryan Anderson, C, B-
9. Travis Hanson, 3B, C+
10. Chris Lambert, RHP, C+
11. Juan Mateo, RHP, C+
12. Stuart Pomeranz, RHP, C+
13. Eric Haberer, LHP, C+
14. Tyler Herron, RHP, C+
15. Nick Webber, RHP, C+
16. Mark Worrell, RHP, C+
17. A.J. Van Slyke, OF, C+
18. Mike Parisi, RHP, C+
19. Tyler Johnson, LHP, C
20. Rick Ankiel, OF, C
I hope that Rick Ankiel is able to make the 25-man roster. He played outfield in the minors last season and he's trying out first base right now in spring training.

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