Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Exclusive interview with Dan McLaughlin

(Dan McLaughlin is a broadcaster for the St. Louis Cardinals on Fox Sports Midwest. I had the chance to interview him last week and here is the transcript.)

Daniel Solzman: Growing up, when did you consider going into sportscasting?
Dan McLaughlin: About the minute I could probably walk...ever since a little boy.

DS: Who were some of your favorite sportscasters?
DM: Jack Buck, of course. Mike Kelly, Randy ?. Those three come to mind. Dan Kelly.

DS: Between baseball, basketball and hockey, what's your favorite sport to call or analyze?
DM: Well, I enjoy all for different reasons...baseball is a lot of fun...so I really enjoy it.

DS: Did you do any sportscasting in college?
DM: Oh, yea. Every minute I was awake...was at radio station at school. DJ'ing, news, weather, sports.

DS: When you call a game, is it hard to get into a game and remain professional?
DM: Not at all, easy to do. Easy to consider a fan but love what I do...doing something I love.

DS: What's the typical day like for when you broadcast a home game?
DM: Up early, play with my son until 2 and do research during the day. At the park by 3. Pregame interviews and then the booth by six. Broadcast at 6:30.

DS: Favorite catch phrase?
DM: None.

DS: Advice for aspiring sportscasters?
DM: The advice I give to everyone is simple. Practice, practice and more practice. Also, be as diversified as you can. Don't just concentrate on sports. Look into news and other items of interest. This is a business where you have to go with the flow so to speak and keep plugging along.

DS: Did you go to any of the playoff or World Series games? If so, were they as a fan or did you help out with the FOX broadcasts?
DM: I was at the final game of the world series as a fan. Unreal atmosphere. I was with family and they enjoyed it so much. A night I will never forget!

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