Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pujols won't get surgery

This does not appear to be good news at all.
Cardinals team physician Dr. George Paletta shed light on the condition of Albert Pujols' elbow on Wednesday, confirming that the slugger likely is best off not having any kind of surgical procedure until the time comes when a complete reconstruction is needed.

Pujols has a "high grade" tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow, as well as bone spurs, inflammation and arthritis in the joint -- all of which have likely developed as a reaction to the ligament tear. The ligament's condition has not appreciably worsened since it was first injured, in 2003, but the surrounding issues have become somewhat more pronounced over that time.

According to Paletta, Pujols was presented with three feasible courses of action over the winter. He could continue the path he had been on, which is treating the symptoms of his injuries while he continued to play. He could undergo arthroscopic surgery, which would address the bone spurs and the arthritis but not the ligament tear. Or he could have arthroscopy as well as Tommy John elbow-reconstruction surgery.
I hope that Albert can stay healthy this season because the Cardinals need him.

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