Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring training is here!

Spring training is here and that means we've got updates!

The team understands and backs the decision of management to release Scott Spiezio following a warrant being issued for his arrest.
"They've done a whole lot for him and a lot of people," Kennedy said. "They really stuck their neck out for him, particularly last year. There comes a time where you've just got to move on."

That time has arrived for the Cardinals, who have been buffeted by a series of embarrassments and tragedies.[...]

Pitcher Chris Carpenter said: "Everyone in here is real people who have real issues and real problems like everyone else in the world. People in this clubhouse have to be family, take care of one another and try to help one another."

Offered pitcher Jason Isringhausen: "You only get so many chances. With what we've got going this year, I don't think anyone wants any more distractions. We need to be able to compete without distractions. We're not going to be able to throw our gloves out there and win ballgames this year. The less distractions the better. ... I think all of us in here would say the same thing: We're all here for him. If he needs anything, we'd all be there. I don't think any of us in here are saints, but there comes a time when they say enough is enough."

Mozeliak said the message would be reinforced later in camp as the club moves players from its minor league system into its major league clubhouse. "When you look at young players starting to come up ... we want that first experience to be a positive one and free of distractions, especially off the field," he said.
Sydney Ponson made an appearance at the camp this past week. That doesn't mean that Ponson, who dropped to 245 pounds, will be signed to a contract.

Ted Simmons spoke with the Commissioner, Rick Hummell, recently. Simmons has credentials to be in the Hall of Fame, yet he's not there at all!

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