Monday, April 10, 2006

The Countdown begins

Despite an exhibition game played already, the Cardinals OFFICIALLY open up Busch Stadium the 3rd today with the home opener against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Brewers manager Ned Yost on BS3: Where's the clubhouse?

Rich Lederer agrees with many of us Cardinal fans on the signing of Juan Encarnacion.
Speaking of the Redbirds, Juan Encarnacion is 4-for-23 with no XBH or RBI, and he has left 20 runners on base during the Cardinals first six games. I've seen him on TV twice with the bases loaded, and he grounded out to second on a feeble swing with a 2-0 count and struck out on a breaking pitch that was out of the strike zone.

I thought Walt Jocketty made two mistakes with respect to Encarnacion. Number one was signing him. Number two was giving him a three-year contract. I feel badly reminding St. Louis fans that Encarnacion won't be Juan Gone for a long time.
Thanks for the reminder as if we didn't already know that.

Expect Walt Jocketty to resign Mark Mulder for a few more seasons.

USA Today previews the series as I await my press pass game notes.

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