Friday, April 28, 2006

Game Recap

Jim Edmonds powered the Cardinals to a 6-2 victory as he moved a home run closer to #220 with the Cardinals. He now has four on the season. Sidney Ponson picked up his third win of the season and is now 3-0.

In the seventh inning, Scott Spiezio doubled to deep center, bringing home Juan Encarnacion and Albert Pujols. Spiezio is still filling in for Scott Rolen as Rolen battles with bronchitis. In the 8th inning with bases loaded, Aaron Miles pinch hits for Hector Luna and hits a sac fly to center. So Taguchi scored on the sacrifice fly.

Ponson strikes out four, gives up 5 hits, two runs, and two walks. Brad Thompson picks up his second hold of the season.

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