Thursday, April 20, 2006

Off Day Rant

Since my beloved Cardinals are off today, and my weekend starts in three and a half hours, this rant needs to be said.

I watch a lot of sports shows, mainly Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, Sportscenter, Baseball Tonight, as well as the Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday Night Baseball, and MLB baseball whenever I have a chance. Granted I may not be the best sports expert out there but I'm one who thinks that Goose Gossage and Lee Smith should be in the Hall of Fame for their numbers as a reliever.

The big story this season has been one name: Barry Bonds. Please tell me that Bonds on Bonds is not airing all season long. It is the worst show to come around since American Idol on FOX. The only record he will likely get is the all-time walk record, which he's most likely already broken. Pitchers are pitching around him because no one wants to see him break Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron's record. I know that I don't. The guy did steroids. How else could you explain a guy that averages 32 home runs in 15 major league seasons hitting 73 home runs in 2001? It's impossible unless you are on steroids!

Now if you want to look at a once-in-a-generation player, you need to look no further than one Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals. In his first five seasons, he hit 201 home runs averaging 40 home runs per season. If he keeps on that pace, and judging from this season--you know that he will, Pujols will hit 201 home runs over the next five years for 402 major league home runs in 10 seasons. Fifteen seasons sees him hitting 603 home runs at an average of 40 home runs per season. With the way, this season has started, expect those numbers to be closer to 700 if not more. Currently, he is on pace to break Mark McGwire's team record of 70 home runs in 1998. At an average of 45 home runs per season, Pujols will be at an estimated 426 and 651 in ten and fifteen major league seasons overall, respectively. If he can put up these sort of numbers for 20 seasons, he will, without a doubt, break the record set by Hank Aaron. Unlike Barry Bonds, he is a team leader.

Okay, that's enough ranting for now.

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