Saturday, September 02, 2006

Albert Pujols: 2006 MVP?

Also up for debate is Albert Pujols and whether or not he should take home the 2006 MVP award. I say that this will be the first year in a while that the same two players pick up the two big NL awards in back to back seasons. The only other player in my opinion being worthy of mention would be Ryan Howard.

Pujols is ten off the lead in home runs (Pujols 39, Howard 49). However, he is in third place despite the DL stint earlier in the season. In RBI's, Pujols 109 ranks fourth (Pujols 109, Howard 128) in the league. Pujols has 27 doubles to Howard's 14. However, Pujols 97 runs is 14 more than Howard's but it's only good enough for 7th place in the league.

League Rankings as of 9/19:
• Ranks 4th in NL in BA (.330)
• Ranks 2nd in NL in HR (46)
• Ranks 2nd in NL in RBI (126)
• Ranks 5th in NL in R (112)
• Ranks 3rd in NL in OBP (.431)
• Ranks 1st in NL in SLG (.682)
• Ranks 1st in NL in OPS (1.113)

Fungoes has some more on this one.

If you go to FanGraphs, you can see a comparison between Pujols, Beltran and Howard.

I think it's going to Pujols if the Cardinals make the playoffs.

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