Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jason Isringhausen

Is Izzy hurting?
Isringhausen threw freely in the outfield before the game, but he never felt comfortable once he faced hitters. "I had bad mechanics when I went out there," he said. "In the middle of an inning it's hard to correct things. It was just a very, very bad inning."

Less than two years after having arthroscopic surgery on his left hip, the closer offered cryptic answers about his health. "It's September. My body is getting old. That's it," said Isringhausen, who turns 34 today.

Isringhausen performs exercises daily to keep some flexibility in the hip. But the condition is a degenerative one and it is only a matter of time before an additional procedure will be considered, according to a club source.

Pressed about his physical status, he offered, "My arm feels great. Let's leave it at that."
On that note, Happy Bday Izzy!

Also, Bernie relayed this in the morning.
Izzy will likely be checked out by the docs today - possibly Arizona's team doctor. His degenerative hip condition prevents him from getting the proper lift and drive in his delivery - as I explained yesterday, only to get personally attacked for passing along the inside information.

La Russa will meet with Duncan at the ballpark today and they will discuss the situation - specifically, what next? They will consider Looper, Wainwright, Sosa or a committee approach.

Duncan was on with Cusumano this morning (KFNS) and relayed pretty much all of this during an interview.

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