Wednesday, September 06, 2006

DFA Jason Isringhausen

I'm always worried when Izzy is in there to pitch the ninth with minimal lead. But after today, I'm no longer there to defend him. Heck, I'd take Mulder pitching over Izzy any day of the week!

I don't know whether he has a clause in his contract or not requiring him to pitch the ninth in a save situation or not but I've had with his inability to pitch a perfect ninth inning with a one run lead.

They need to go with a closer by committee. If Wainwright's doing good, Adam closes. If it's Sosa, then him. But this is getting way out of hand. Walt et all should buy out his contract if they are able to do so.

Looper was effective in the 8th inning and was en route to another win.

Carp was doing great when I got back from class until the 6th inning when defense was playing a bit too badly.

They need to DFA Izzy as soon as possible.

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