Saturday, November 05, 2011

Is Feliz the new Lidge?

Is Neftali Feliz the new Brad Lidge? It's posssible.

Joe and Derrick have more on the interview with Mike Matheny.
"I believe we had a positive discussion, and I was able to answer all their questions — all they had for me," Matheny said Friday afternoon. "It's really going to be up to them to sort through all the things they're looking for in that position and who fits it best."

Matheny, 40, has less managerial and coaching experience than any of the six known candidates to succeed a man who managed more major-league games than anyone in the game's history other than Connie Mack.

However, he possesses the leadership qualities, presence and organizational bloodlines the Cardinals might favor in determining their next field boss.

Matheny described his lack of managerial experience as "the elephant that walked in with me" to the interview. However, Matheny was made to feel the issue is of less significance than even he had hoped.
Rick Hummel offers more on the sudden passing of Bob Forsch.

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