Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wild Cards: Book Review

Wild Cards: The St. Louis Cardinals' Stunning 2011 Championship Season from Rob Rains is currently in stores and being sold online following the Cardinals' World Series win.

This book relives not just the three postseason series but also various parts of the season. All in all, it's 128 pages but it's a really fast 128 pages.

I'm not sure if it was because of the very quick press time but I feel that it could have been proofread another time since the final night section appeared twice, word for word, and with the same picture. Moreover, a lot of punctuation was missing. That's personal nitpicking on my part.

However, this was the first book out following the World Series win but it's a good one nonetheless.

From the press release:
While the 2011 World Series capped arguably the most exciting season in team history, injuries, off-field distractions, and poor play contributed to a lackluster start; by mid-August the Cardinals looked dead in the water. Then, an influx of new talent and rejuvenated stars – along with rally squirrels, happy flights, and an irrepressible never-say-die attitude – propelled St. Louis into the playoffs, where they defeated the favored Phillies and Brewers. The season culminated with a fantastic seven-game, roller-coaster World Series triumph against the Texas Rangers. Wild Cards celebrates the highlights of this championship season. Packed with full-color action photos, detailed accounts of every postseason game, and profiles of Albert Pujols, David Freese, and other stars, this commemorative keepsake is sure to be treasured by every Cardinals fan.

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