Tuesday, October 31, 2006

David Eckstein on Tonight Show Transcript

Jay Leno: Alrighty, my next guest helping the St. Louis Cardinals to their worst, uh, their first World Series in 24 years, crushing Detroit, ladies and gentleman. Here he is in action. Take a look.

Video footage - Joe Buck: Eckstein flies one into left, Monroe is ... not gonna get it. And the Cardinals lead it 5-4 here in the 8th inning of game 4.

Please welcome the Most Valuable Player of the World Series, David Eckstein! Good to see you, have a seat. Now, this is your second world series win. Different than the first?

David Eckstein: Um, A little bit different. You know, in Anaheim, we really got on a roll and we played well throughout the whole year, and were able to get it done. But in St. Louis, we had almost the worst, um, dropoff.

Jay Leno: Yea, there was a streak of like 13 or 14 in a row.

Eckstein: Yea, at the end of the season when we just couldn't win a game. And it would have been the worst, um, drop off in ever in sports history probably, and we found a way to make the playoffs thanks to the Atlanta Braves. And, um, and um, we got in and we found a way to turn it around, and it was unbelievable.

Leno: Cause I know the people didn't give you much of a chance. I mean, the USA Today said Detroit would win it in 3.

Eckstein: Hmm, definitely which...

Leno: Did you guys see that?

Eckstein: Umm...

(Tim Allen moved over and David hands him a kleenex.)

(To Tim) There you go. (To Jay) Umm, I'm the type of person that does not read the papers.

Jay: Right.

Eckstein: But in our meeting, it was definitely brought up that that was said about us. You know because we always tried to look for something to give us an edge to go out there and that means the sportswriters definitely gave us an edge.

Leno: But you know it's funny you say cause, cause I mean, obviously, a lot of people go after the but that one thing winning in three that seems to affect you more...why?

Eckstein: Without a doubt because it's pretty much saying you don't have a chance. I think the last, you know winning in three and the last one is a laugher. And so, umm, you know when we play this game, you know, I mean, you kinda take that a little bit to heart because you only need to play four games.

Leno: Now, because you're won the MVP award, and you won a brand new car. What did you win?

Eckstein: I won a barnd new corvette.

Leno: It's a great car. Terrific car. There you go, beautiful car. Is it a stick shift or automatic?

Eckstein: It is a stick shift.

Leno: Excellent.

Eckstein: Yea, right, yes. The only problem is, of course, can't drive a stick.

Leno: Okay, my next guest is one of the biggest stars...wow. Telling somebody from Detroit you can't drive a stick. So what?

Tim Allen: Geeze.

Leno: But you know you might be able to work on your exteriority (I think), you might be able to pick it up.

Eckstein: Yea, you know the funniest thing is off the baseball field, I'm probably the most uncoordinated person you ever want to see.

Leno: Really?

Eckstein: Like today, I was getting on the plane and I was getting up to use the bathroom and I come back I just drilled my head because I didn't duck to get underneath it to get into my sign. You know, so, I'd probably wreck it.

Leno: That's amazing.

Allen: You can't drive a stick, huh?

Leno: Well, what's amazing - this is your first new car? You've never had a new one? You've been making big dough for a long time, and are you just like a cheap @$$?

Eckstein: Pretty much...

Allen: But it looks like he lives with his parents. You're like...you're like

Eckstein: They live in the house.

Allen: Do they really?

Eckstein: They do. No, they, um, growing up, we never really had money. Going to college, and there's five of us. We all went to the same college. And so, um, they bought a car for the family and...

This is all I was able to transcribe so far.

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