Monday, October 30, 2006

A look at salary...

From the Baseball Analysts:
Albert Pujols - $15.00M - Signed thru 2010 (club option for 2011)
Scott Rolen - 12.00 - Signed thru 2010
Jason Isringhausen - 8.75 - Signed thru 2007 (club option for 2008)
Chris Carpenter - 7.00 - Signed thru 2007 (club option for 2008)
Juan Encarnacion - 5.00 - Signed thru 2008
Braden Looper - 4.50 - Signed thru 2008
David Eckstein - 4.50 - Signed thru 2008
Ricardo Rincon - 1.45 - Signed thru 2008
2007 Total so far - $58.20M
The Cardinals also control a number of players, including pitchers Randy Flores, Josh Hancock, Tyler Johnson, Josh Kinney, Anthony Reyes, Brad Thompson, and Adam Wainwright; catcher Yadier Molina; infielder Aaron Miles; and outfielders Chris Duncan, John Rodriguez, and So Taguchi. Other than Taguchi ($825,000), all of the above players earned no more than $400,000 (with 10 of the 12 within 10% of the minimum salary of $327,000). Only Taguchi and Miles are eligible for arbitration.
So Taguchi - $1.000M
Yadier Molina - 0.800
Adam Wainwright - 0.650
Anthony Reyes - 0.500
Chris Duncan - 0.500
Aaron Miles - 0.500
John Rodriguez - 0.425
Randy Flores - 0.425
Josh Hancock - 0.425
Tyler Johnson - 0.425
Josh Kinney - 0.425
Brad Thompson - 0.425
That total comes up to $6.500M

From their site, this is an easier way of showing who is locked up for next season as a Cardinal:
C: Molina
1B: Pujols
2B: Miles
3B: Rolen
SS: Eckstein
LF: Duncan
CF: Taguchi
RF: Encarnacion
SP: Carpenter
RP: Isringhausen
We are still awaiting to see what happens with Jimmy's option, which will affect what pitching we go after.
OK, let's see where St. Louis stands with respect to that $25M in discretionary funds. Give $7M net to Edmonds and $7-8M to Suppan, leaving $10-11M for three other players - a starting 2B, a #5 SP, and perhaps a LF (to replace Duncan if traded).

Ronnie Belliard made $4M last year. I don't think the Cardinals will allocate more than that for a second baseman. Belliard didn't hit too well in his stint with the 'Birds but should be good for .270/.330/.400 type production. Other options include Craig Biggio, Ray Durham, Adam Kennedy, and Mark Loretta. Biggio, Kennedy, and Loretta all made between $3-4M last year.

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