Monday, October 09, 2006

NLCS: Cardinals rotation set

Derrick Goold reports that the rotation is set, and it is tentative, meaning that it's subject to change.
Game 1 @ Shea...Jeff Weaver
Game 2 @ Shea...Jeff Suppan
Game 3 @ Busch...Chris Carpenter
Game 4 @ Busch...Jason Marquis or Anthony Reyes
Game 5 @ Busch...Jeff Weaver
Game 6 @ Shea...Jeff Suppan
Game 7 @ Shea...Chris Carpenter
I would rather take Reyes over Marquis and I realize it is a high pressure situation.
Game by game there is a sense that the Cardinals pitching may actually stack up favorably for this series, into which they will go as extreme underdogs. But here’s where the Cardinals’ may have the biggest edge: Their starters will absorb innings. The Mets used at least six pitchers in two of their NLDS victories against the LA Dodgers. The starts pitched a total of 13 2/3 innings. Only Tom Glavine got through the fifth inning.

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