Friday, October 27, 2006

Jim Edmonds Update

Ken Rosenthal of FOX reports with what looks to be some great news on the best outfielder in MLB Baseball.
Will Edmonds return to Cards?
Jim Edmonds' post-season revival increases the likelihood of the Cardinals picking up his $10 million option rather than paying a $3 million buyout.

The free-agent market for center fielders is thin beyond Gary Matthews Jr. and Juan Pierre, the trade prices will be high for players such as the Blue Jays' Vernon Wells and Devil Rays' Rocco Baldelli and the Cardinals lack a top center-field prospect in his system.

Edmonds, 36, has pondered playing only one more season, but he has a chance to become only the fourth player in history to win 10 Gold Gloves and hit 400 homers.

The others: Willie Mays, Mike Schmidt and Ken Griffey Jr.
It's great news to me.

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